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Meet Dr. Sonia Dalmia, GSU’s new College of Business Dean

Dr. Sonia Dalmia
Dr. Sonia Dalmia

By Chandana Mandadi, Phoenix staff writer

In the world of business education, Dr. Sonia Dalmia has a reputation for leadership, innovation
and a visionary approach. She brings all of those qualities to her new position as dean of
Governors State University’s College of Business.
Dalmia Comes to GSU from her position as Associate Dean of Graduate Programs at Grand
Valley State University (Seidman College of Business). She began her academic career in 1999
as an assistant professor of Economics at GVSU after earning a Ph.D. in Economics from the
University of Iowa’s Tippie College of Business. She held several leadership positions at Grand
Valley before being named associate dean.
Dalmia brings a visionary approach to business education to GSU. She champions
interdisciplinary programs that bridge the gap between theory and practice, ensuring that
students graduate with both academic knowledge and real-world skills.
Her career displays a vibrant tapestry of research, woven with meticulous dedication. And
research isn’t just her pursuit; it’s her passion. She has explored teaching evaluations, their
connection to faculty race during the pandemic, delved into labor economics intricacies, and
unraveled the complexities of dowries and marital matches in India and the U.S. Currently, she is studying the dynamic world of family businesses, offering insights beyond academia.
She is committed not only to academic excellence but also to creating an inclusive environment.
One of her goals is to promote diversity within the College of Business that should result in a
more welcoming and equitable place for students and faculty from all backgrounds.
In her words, “Student success is paramount.” She envisions a future where students are not only prepared for the challenges of the market but thrive in it. To achieve this, she places great
emphasis on providing students with experiential learning opportunities and high-impact
experiences that transform them into well-rounded, future-ready leaders. In her eyes, GSU and
its students are hidden gems, waiting to be discovered, and she is determined to unveil that
brilliance to the world.
Dalmia grew up in a military family, and her parents played a pivotal role in nurturing her
academic interests, particularly in the field of economics, which eventually became her focus
during her undergraduate studies. What made her upbringing stand out was the unwavering
support and encouragement she received from her family to pursue higher education overseas.
Dalmia’s childhood was distinct in the sense that, unlike many girls in India, she was never
confined by societal norms or gender-based limitations. Her extended family and school
environment provided an atmosphere where she was never told that certain pursuits were off-
limits simply because she was a girl.

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