GSU-UPI Consider Strike as Negotiations Continue


Provided photo

The union is making preparations for a strike authorization vote.

Contract negotiations between GSU and its faculty continue. Though progress has been made, some escalation is visible.

GSU community members may start to see buttons, posters, or signs that call for fair pay in the halls of the university. Some union members at the college have continued working despite the expiration of their contracts over the summer.

While union and administration reps have signed off on some agreements over workload and other points, the argument over economics continues. Faculty and staff are requesting salary increases in their contracts to compensate for the higher costs of living that have accumulated over recent years. Faculty and staff have argued that better pay will make efforts to hire new talent more successful A mediator has been called in to help speed up the bargaining process.

While a clear strategy was not made available to the Phoenix, there is hope that classes will not be interrupted due to labor issues.